Album Review: Mount Rainier

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Album Review: Mount Rainier

Photos and cover art by Ben Greer

Written by: Jasmine Navarro

Mount Rainier Long Beach Music  


Rolling Off the Tongue (Demos and Rarities ‘18-’20)


The latest release from Long Beach based Mount Rainier (aka Rain Gregorio) is a 12-track compilation of heartfelt lo-fi demos and deep cuts titled Rolling Off The Tongue (Demos and Rarities ‘18-’20) predating Gregorio’s 2021 EP World Behind Your Head. Rolling Off the Tongue is raw, emotive and intimate, providing a harmonious contrast to the more polished recordings of World Behind Your Head.


The album opens with ‘Baby Blue’, a minimal tune driven by a drum machine and Gregorio’s airy vocals–slightly reminiscent of Bon Iver. “Nothing’s gonna hurt me, I’ll roll with the punches,” he promises, in a way that sounds a little resigned. ‘Baby Blue’ sets the tone for the album, which feels more like a journal or a note to self. Voice recordings are peppered in throughout the tracks, played over a drum beat and stitched with Gregorio’s verses. Much like the album cover–a collage created by Ben Greer–this album is clearly a collage of moments marking the passage of time during a formative period in Gregorio’s life. Thus, listening along feels like a privilege; Mount Rainier is laying himself bare for everyone to see.


The album’s single, ‘Space Country’ is a more upbeat-sounding track that paints a picture of Gregorio as a lonely postmodern space cowboy reflecting on his solitude. The mixture of the “country” and “space” imagery is, albeit more abstractly, a recurring theme throughout this album, where Gregorio blends traditional country/folk sounds with a more modern indie-pop framework.

 Mount Rainier Long Beach Music Album Review

‘Cave River’ ends the album as Gregorio describes the last moments in a relationship, where both parties seem to feel estranged from each other. “Last night I slept in a bed I used to share with a friend from long ago / In the morning I pretend to have plans so I can spend my Saturday alone,” he confesses, with a heavy-hearted vulnerability that is all too familiar to anyone who has experienced the ending of a long-term relationship. The song fades out with the sound of the rain, both reflecting the artist’s sadness and promising rebirth.


Favorite tracks: i wish it was u, absence of birds (radio dept cover), baby blue, window


Rolling Off the Tongue (Demos and Rarities ‘18-’20) is available to listen to digitally on Bandcamp and has been released on cassette via Anxiety Blanket Records, with all proceeds being donated to WomenShelter of Long Beach.



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 about the author:

Jasmine Navarro is a queer afro-latinx musician and writer from Long Beach, CA. They play shows locally as Smooth Jas and are an emphatic supporter of the Long Beach music scene.

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