Big Changes at Stacks FX

We have  a few updates for you, so lets dive in!

- We plan on starting every bullet point with 'We'.

- We have lowered pricing on all of our pedals. expect to see between 20%-30% off our entire line-up!

- We have discontinued Thsee Anomaly Delay. At the time of writing this there were two available on Reverb. Grab em. You can expect to see the rest of the line-up go through some minor and some major changes as we try to bring you additional features while reducing build time, and ultimately, cost. We promise to bring the same exceptional quality we always have, just at a lower price.

- We plan on bringing a lot more content your way including more product demos, interviews, and articles on how to help navigate the industry.

- We did it!


-Miguel and Brian

Stacks FX



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