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"My grandmother used to sign "Asi Fui" on photos of her youth and include what she was doing in that moment the photo was taken. It basically translates to "this is how I was/went" in spanish. The band name has become kind of a statement of how we just ride the wave of any given moment and every song becomes a timestamp. Asi Fui captures who we are in any freeze frame of our lives."

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    The Shakes, a four-piece indie pop-rock band from Huntington Beach, is ready to make waves. The band formed in 2015 when vocalist/guitarist Sean Perry met bassist Skyler Connell as juniors at Edison High School in music theory class; the rest fell into place when they were joined by guitarist Cameron Peinado and drummer Nicole Bandoquillo, an OCSA-trained musician they serendipitously found on Craigslist. After sharing a string of singles and a demo EP, the band is gearing up to release a six-track EP this summer, titled With Every Moment, produced by Young the Giant’s Francois Comtois as well...

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