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The latest release from Long Beach based Mount Rainier (aka Rain Gregorio) is a 12-track compilation of heartfelt lo-fi demos and deep cuts titled Rolling Off The Tongue (Demos and Rarities ‘18-’20) predating Gregorio’s 2021 EP World Behind Your Head. Rolling Off the Tongue is raw, emotive and intimate, providing a harmonious contrast to the more polished recordings of World Behind Your Head.

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The Native Lung, he says, is his all-time favorite and has quickly become his main songwriting tool. Case in point: it can be heard on every single track off Bundy's forthcoming full-length album, Bastard Performer.
“The entire album is based around that fucking pedal, I swear to god,” Serna explains. “When I got that pedal, I started writing things to that reverb that I just liked, and it inspired me to write a lot of songs.

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