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- When did you start making music under Calyxa, and how did you come up with the name?

I started making music for Calyxa late 2015. My favorite anime character’s name is Utena, which means Calyx. The calyx is the part of the flower that holds the petals. I love Utena and love flowers, so I was going to be Calyx. An artist was already using the name Calyx, so I threw an “a” on the end and here we are.

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"Healing Touch", "Paradise", "The Road Ahead", Alexs Bar, Alyssandra Nighswonger, Bamboo Club, Beck, Billy Strings, Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, Charles Wesley Godwin, comedian, Crosby, Crosby Stills Nash Young, Del McCoury, Eric Clapton, George Madrid, Greg Leisz, Huntington Beach, Jeff Ziemba, John MIranda, Joni Mitchell, Katie Jo, Lana Del Rey, Marty Robbins, Max Cogert, Nash, Neil Young, Nigel Burk, Phil Lemke, Robby Krieger, Simon & Garfunkel, Stills, The Doors, Tom Petty, Wade Hammond, Wildfires -

- What do you want to communicate through your music?
"That we should cut the crap and realize there's more that unites us than divides us. The folks in charge want us to think our neighbors are our enemies. I don't buy that. So I wanted to make something someone in Silverlake could relate to as much as someone in West Virginia, because we're all pretty much after the same things in life."

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Most of the time, a song starts with me waking up at 6am, having a cup of coffee, and just going for it.  It feels like the whole world is asleep. Lyrics come during the tracking process. I’ve always been obsessed with words and track titles. Usually when I lay down an initial demo, the initial title ends up being very indicative of where the lyrics stem from.  Even if the final product has transformed from its conception, I do believe there is an intuitive gut feeling that permeates what the song.

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Album Review, Anxiety Blanket Records, Ben Greer, Cassette, Long Beach Music, Rain Gregorio, WomenShelter of Long Beach -

The latest release from Long Beach based Mount Rainier (aka Rain Gregorio) is a 12-track compilation of heartfelt lo-fi demos and deep cuts titled Rolling Off The Tongue (Demos and Rarities ‘18-’20) predating Gregorio’s 2021 EP World Behind Your Head. Rolling Off the Tongue is raw, emotive and intimate, providing a harmonious contrast to the more polished recordings of World Behind Your Head.

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So, the original idea of the band was to be a band with people sort of coming and going. We for sure have different players, but we have also permanent players who have been in the group since 2017/2018. Crazy to think! So, how did we meet? Well, Brandon (drums) had classes together at LBCC and have played in several bands before this one. George (pedal steel) and I met back in 2010 when I started recording music with a mutual friend of ours. Richard and Kevin actually joined the band after meeting Brandon at CSUDH, in their jazz program. Lastly, Matt, we met him at a show when he came up and asked if we needed some sax. The rest is history!


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