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The Native Lung, he says, is his all-time favorite and has quickly become his main songwriting tool. Case in point: it can be heard on every single track off Bundy's forthcoming full-length album, Bastard Performer.
“The entire album is based around that fucking pedal, I swear to god,” Serna explains. “When I got that pedal, I started writing things to that reverb that I just liked, and it inspired me to write a lot of songs.

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Bundy the band has been making waves in Long Beach since 2017, playing shows, dropping albums, and supporting their community along the way. We catch up with lead singer and founding member, Nani Gross, asking him how the heck he's doing after two years of a pandemic. How did you come up with the name? When we started the band, we weren’t sure what sound or style we were going for. I just got these 4 dudes in a room and said, ok let's do this. Let’s make SOMETHING. They were all a bunch of jokers and one of them (GABE...

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    The Shakes, a four-piece indie pop-rock band from Huntington Beach, is ready to make waves. The band formed in 2015 when vocalist/guitarist Sean Perry met bassist Skyler Connell as juniors at Edison High School in music theory class; the rest fell into place when they were joined by guitarist Cameron Peinado and drummer Nicole Bandoquillo, an OCSA-trained musician they serendipitously found on Craigslist. After sharing a string of singles and a demo EP, the band is gearing up to release a six-track EP this summer, titled With Every Moment, produced by Young the Giant’s Francois Comtois as well...

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For Dave Van Patten, music and visual art go hand in hand. His witty, surrealist illustrations—as psychedelic as they are prolific—span many album covers (most recently for The Grateful Dead’s Live Concert Series), the 16-by-60-foot wall flanking Alex’s Bar (one of Long Beach’s most respected venues), dozens of iconic festival and show posters, as well as the entire lineup of Stacks FX pedals.

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Best Rock Song 2018, Darrell Thorp, Foo Fighters, Fuzz Gazer, Grammy, Greg Kurstin -

Congratulations to the Foo Fighters for winning the 2018 Grammy for Best Rock Song with 'Run'! Produced by Greg Kurstin and Engineered by Darrell Thorp at East West Studios in Hollywood,  this is the Bands 29th Grammy nomination and their 12th win. Great Job guys!

The Grammy Award winning song features the Stacks FX Fuzz Gazer on those heavy verses... listen in at 1:47 and put a fuckin' Fist in the air with us!

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