Small Business Spotlight: More Music LB

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Small Business Spotlight: More Music LB

- What was the transition like from Gilmore to More Music? How did you guys know you wanted to keep the legacy alive? Surely it could have been easier to throw the towel in and find jobs other places, but instead you guys bought in and became owners, starting up your own business. Thats inspiring, to say the least! The transition was not easy. At one point it seemed impossible to start up what we have now. Our main concern was to find a new location with some decent parking and having enough capital for all our expenses for our new building. After leaving Gilmore's around April 2021 we did not know what was in store for us since we never started a new business, but we knew the formula on how to run a music store. Some of us already had other jobs, but it didn't stop us from thinking about having our own store. We knew this community needs a small one stop shop for their musical needs.  However, with time and our spirits devoted to our music community we were able to find a new location.  For over a decade, the four of us have worked and called Gilmore Music our home; allowing us not only to be friends and coworkers but family too. We all looked up to Mr. Gilmore and his ambition to fix anything musical. So to leave our community without a music store didn't sit well with us. Thus the name More Music came about in dedication to Mr. G. - What challenges did you face in finding a new location? We always wanted a location with parking. Our old location was impossible to find a legal parking spot. We looked for months. We found what we thought was the prime location on Retro Row however within the month the landlord raised the rent a thousand dollars more than originally priced. We kept looking for anything near our old location so once we opened it could be easy for our old customers to find us.  

- What advice would you have for new business owners opening up shop in Long Beach?

  Our advice to new business owners would have to be that even when the odds seem to be against you and life hits you hard. Do not give up! Continue to pursue your dreams in owning a business. - It looks like you guys offer quite a lot under one roof. Do you have any other plans for the shop? Currently we are focused more on retail and repairs. We plan to offer more music lessons in the near future once our lesson room is completed. We are looking to offer most of the same classes we had at the old store. However, due to our location and respecting the business next door we won't be offering drum lessons until we fully soundproof our lesson room.  For now we are taking it all one day at a time by tooth and nail.


More Music LB Guitar Wall

-How are the roles broken up between the owners / crew?

Currently Etienne and myself (Andy) are holding down the fort six days a week uploading new inventory, sales, setups and marketing. As for Andre and Pedro, they still work and continue to go to school. Andre and Pedro are our lead repairmen at the moment. So when they have free time from their busy schedule they come in and work on any repairs that Tn or myself can't do. - Are you currently working with / stocking any locally owned companies? Currently we are working with Jonathan Sosa. Jonathan is our new amp repairman, helping us become more of that one stop music shop we envision.  We are currently working with companies like Ohana, Nu-X, and Kirlin being California based companies.


- Are you currently buying used gear? If so, what are you currently looking for?

On occasion we do buy used gear.  We also do consignment here where we sell the instrument or gear on the person's behalf, we do a 60/40 deal. The customer says how much they want for the item and if it seems like a reasonable price we add 40 percent to it.


Turn Tables for sale At More Music LB

- Any new brands you hope to bring on in the near future? We will in the near future like to carry more local companies.  We don't have much care for bigger brands that are easy to find online. We like going with economical yet well crafted instruments that we know will last. We plan to get brands like Teton and Tagima guitars. Which have been popular with us in the past. Possibly have a custom guitar for the store like we did at Gilmore's.  - Long term goals for the store?  

We keep it straightforward with our clients so continuing to give them quality service will always be our priority. In the past at Gilmore Music we would cater to the Long Beach Unified School District with repairs on brass and woodwind instruments, as well as having band instruments set up and rental ready. Once we find a great repairman for brass and woodwind instruments we will announce it to our customers and community, for now we do sell accessories for brass and woodwind instruments such as: reeds, neck straps, ligatures, slide grease and oils, and the essentials. 


The City - How did you get involved in the long beach music scene?
After working at a music store that was around for 75 plus years we had a variety of customers come in and invite us to their gigs, so music was always a part of our lives in and outside of the store. The four of us all went to LBCC for their Recording Program so we have been a part of the industry in a way either in the studio, live sound, or performing.   

- What do you feel is most unique or special about the Long Beach Music Scene? Long Beach is a melting pot when it comes to music that's what makes this city remarkable. We have artists that play a variety of music from country, metal, experimental noise, to underground hip hop and everything in between. There is always a gig everyday to enjoy it seems like here with new artists from the city or touring bands. That's why we feel it's important to have a local music store here in Long Beach for musicians to come not only for their musical needs but to build a bigger community. Whether it be an ad for a wanted musician or a flyer for an upcoming gig we encourage people to stop by and keep us informed.

guitar wall close up

- Do you want to Shout out to anyone special In the community?
I would like to give a shout out to Benz, the owner of Que Sera. She gave me solid advice before we started our venture into the new location. She has an old school approach to business and for someone that runs an amazing establishment that has been around for the last 20 plus years; I appreciate her wisdom. Que Sera has a special place in my heart for being the perfect waterhole with great entertainment of all types for music lovers.
- Any advice you want to give younger musicians getting started in the music scene?
When whatever it may be you want to achieve seems impossible, or it doesn't seem like it is not working out at first, keep trying and continue to give it your best! Network with people, be supportive to all types of musicians, and have fun with it. Music is the best way to express one's self, so to go out supporting one another, connecting, and creating is what makes this scene excellent.
Current favorites: - album: At Fillmore East, Allman Brothers Band - local band: Bad Antics - local restaurant: Canadas Grill - local bar: Stache - spot to play:
 Que Sera/ Supply and Demand
More Music LB Business Card
More Music LB is located in Long Beach, CA
3736 E 7th St, Long Beach, CA 90804
Phone: 562.434.6469
Open Mon-Sat 11am-6pm
Photos by Brian Frederick
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