Studio Spotlight: BF Studio LB

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Studio Spotlight: BF Studio LB

The Basics:
Who are you and where are you from?
My name is Luis Renteria. I’m a professional drummer, recordist, and mixer. I was born in East LA. I was raised in the barrios of the City of Commerce and the City of Norwalk. I now reside in Lakewood.
How did you get involved in the Long Beach Music Scene?  
In 2010 I joined a group of guys that eventually became the band Fathers & Suns. F&S won the 2013 Buskerfest. I fell in love with the city because of that experience and I don’t see myself ever leaving the music scene here.

Did being a drummer lead you down the path of engineering?
My adolescent and young adult years were spent a lot in recording studios. Although not fully analog, usually it was DAT or ADAT I couldn’t help plopping myself behind a giant console, next to the engineer, and asking, “. . . and what does THIS knob do?”
The Studio:
Inspiration for Starting the Studio?
In 2011 I started my own Beatles tribute band. It’s called Britain’s Finest. We had a warehouse in Santa Fe Springs where I would record our personal bands and friend’s bands. The recording studio outgrew the warehouse (or rather, The Beatles gear displaced the recording studio) and I figured BF can rent a place in my beloved Long Beach. It then grew little by little and I started taking on a wider type of musical clientele.

Ah! So thats where the name comes from as well.. BF Studio is Britain's Finest. 

Hahaha, Yeah, exactly.

Primary services and Clientele?
I primarily record and mix. I’ve recorded rock bands, metal bands, rappers, orchestral, corridos, and even interviews for NPR shows (weird huh?!).

BF Studios LB Recording Tracking Mixing Mastering Long Beach CA Recording Studio

So it sounds like a lot of your sessions are also writing sessions, with the project "Fellow Robot".
Are writing sessions different animals compared to tracking? how so?
Typically Anthony (my partner in Fellow Robot) writes the song and records an acoustic guitar and vocal at home. I import his tracks into my Pro Tools session and add my drums. I don’t usually listen to the demos in advance. I like to listen to the track about 5 times, as we set up direct mics and room mics for the drumkit, then I’m ready to record. I really want it to sound fresh, in the moment. Anthony has learned not to send me demos anymore, ha! After that we add all the rest; bass, electric guitars, orchestral elements, synth, harmonies, background vocals, yada yada yada.
What makes working out of your studio special?
I’m hoping it’s me. I’m a really mellow guy and I love making people feel comfortable.
How do you help artists achieve their best performances?
I’m flexible. I will offer a lot of advice if asked. Or I can offer little advice and be patient and just feel out the situation. Sometimes you just gotta punch them in 30 times until they get the take, and that’s ok! Always be recording!

BF Studios Tracking Mixing Mastering Recording Studio Long Beach CA

Long Term goals for the studio?
I want to get a full analog rig going. 8 tracks perhaps. 16 tracks if possible. I would like to have that option available for clients.


The Work:
- What projects have been completed at the studio that you’re proud of?






- Any upcoming projects you’re excited about? Why?
There’s a Long Beach metal band called Disciples of Death. I just recorded, mixed, and mastered their latest EP. They’re using a couple of the songs and shopping them to some “big” metal labels. I’m crossing my fingers for them.


To contact Luis about booking studio time go to and fill out the contact form at the bottom.



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