Studio Spotlight: Classless Studios

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Studio Spotlight: Classless Studios

- Who are you and where are you from? 

Hi! My name is Anthony and I was born and raised in Long Beach, CA.

- How did you get involved in the Long Beach Music Scene?

I started a band at 13 called Nextdoor, we were together for 8 years and toured all over southern California. Through that, I started making connections throughout the scene, then was inspired to start engineering because of the vast talent and passion everyone had.

- What’s your educational background in music / record production? 

I studied recording engineering at Long Beach City College. As far as my own musicianship, I am self taught.

 - Any Mentors youʼd like to mention? What was their influence?

Scott Humphrey recorded my band, Nextdoor, at Tommy Lee’s studio. That experience influenced me to take recording into my own hands. After watching the magic he added, and the essential role his position played in the lives of musicians, I knew I had to be a part of that process for the scene. Other mentors I have are Kelsy Gonzales of The Free Nationals and Luis G Renteria. They have been friends for years, and watching them on their journey to success has been a huge influence. They have guided me to step up in my skill sets in recording, mixing, and playing. Lastly, Matty Chirch has influenced me to become proficient in mastering tracks.

The Studio:

- Inspiration for the name?

A good friend/partner Jordan Hermosillo had the idea. Meaning, Long Beach doesn’t have just one class/genre of music. We want all walks of life and sound welcomed into our space.

 - Primary Services and Clientele?

Recording Bands of all genres, including podcast!

- What are some Unique aspects of the studio?

Everyone has a voice in their work. No one feels intimidated or uncomfortable entering the space. We are also affordable, and within reach for the local community.

- What makes a session at  Classless Studios unique?

Classless is unique because it is a safe space for artists’ to express themselves with the gear they need to get the job done. Something else unique is the community influence the space has. Everyone is friends with everyone, and the studio was built on this community love.

- Long Term goals for the studio? Where do you see the studio at in 5 years?

We are now building a new studio in Long Beach! A store front location called Gilmore music on 7th and Cherry. We see ourselves recording more locals and being a destination for out of town bands to come record as well! 

What equipment that you use is indispensable during a session? What makes it special?

Our Apollo x8p and depending on what we are recording, our mics are very indispensable. Most importantly though, our clientele is very special to us. Probably the most important and indispensable part of our studio.

The Work:

- advice for local musicians about to make a record?

Be well rehearsed and have at least a skeleton to build from before booking a session.

- What projects have been completed at the studio that youʼre proud of? What made those projects so special?

Krooked Fingerz, Loch Jester, Band Of Wizards, Ugh, Tate Funk, Dokkodo, The Sleeperz, Zodiac Rippers, Kurt Sanchez, Death Trip, Dyzzy On Vinyl, Morning Intentions radio (podcast style) Morning Detox Radio (KLBP radio show), No Application Fee live session, Ego Death Trip, Colocho & Dokkodo (Outlaw country cover album)

- What’s the process like for finding new bands to work with?

Word of mouth, Instagram, and networking at shows!

- what are some of the unique challenges that you face operating a studio at a rehearsal lockout? 

When the death metal across the hall plays during a vocal session, not having a control room to get a better range on what something is sounding like. Luckily, our team is solid so we always problem solve!

Current Favorites: Local Love Only, Please!

- Local album - Missing Piece of the Puzzle 

- local band- Furcast

- local restaurant- El Torazo 

- local bar- Vine Bar

Extra Credit:

- What advice would you give someone starting up their own studio today?

Just do it. Do as much with what you got, don't be scared, and don't compare with others. Have fun!

- Shout out to anyone in special in the community?

Joe Tucker of Jet Blast Music!



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