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Photo by Gino Martinez This week we catch up with Kris Jackson and talk about getting a little more me, please. That's right, it's time to chat monitor mixes! It can be a little daunting taking your show to the stage for the first time, and no where else is this felt more than how the band or project sounds when performing on a new stage. Gone is the reflective din of the garage bedroom, or rehearsal. Now all you have is one speaker in front of you to help guide you home. Lets jump in with Kris and ask...

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What Is the best way for a band to prepare for a live show?

: Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse, and be as prepared as possible!  But there are some things that will only be learned through experience.  For example, most newbie musicians don’t really know what they need to hear in their monitor on stage.  Some people try to get a full studio quality mix in their monitor with all instruments which just isn’t going to happen in many local situations.  A lot of times if the drums and amps are right behind you, you may just need some vocals in your wedge and be good to go.  Every situation is different though,  for example if the drums are all digital the band will definitely want to hear them loud on stage in order to keep time!

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