Analog Tremolo - Crazy 8

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The Crazy 8 was designed to provide the best sounding, fullest featured stomp box we could muster. We did this by pairing the cleanest analog audio path we could think of with a digital LFO. The result is an uncompromisingly robust analog path that can take you through 8 different waveforms, 6 different tap tempo multipliers, and an inspiring, yet unassuming control, wave offset which allows you to push and pull the peak of the tremolo's waveform to your liking. No matter the swell, drop, or chop you've been looking for, you're bound to find it in this stomp box.


The Crazy 8 named one of the top ten pedals of 2016 by Pedals and Effects


Gabriel Lopez performs 'Slow' using the Crazy 8 



Crazy 8 Guitar Demo 



Speed: Manually adjusts the speed of the LFO 

Wave Offset : This doesn't distort the sound; it actually adjusts where 'center' of the LFO action occurs. For example, with Wave Offset set to '0' and the waveform 'SQUARE" selected, the LFO will start in the open position and close halfway through its envelope. If you adjust the Wave Offset clockwise, the LFO will close at a later time, and if you adjust the Wave Offset counter-clockwise, the LFO will close faster. This makes for some very creative uses.

Mix: Blends between the clean and wet signals
Multiplier Selector: Multiplier selectors for use with tap tempo footswitch. Multiplies the tap by the value selected (.5x, 1x, 1.5x, 2x, 3x, and 4x).

Waveform Selector: 8 waveforms available (Ramp UP, Ramp DOWN, Square, Triange, Sine, Sweep, Lumps, RANDOM)

Ramp Up: From silence to normal volume

Ramp Down: From normal volume to silence

Square: at extreme settings, totally on/off

Triangle: Fender Twins, Deluxes, Supers. If you've heard a Fender Tremolo, then this will sound very familiar. 

Sine: 50's combo amp

Sweep: swell out, starts at normal volume, swells to silence back to normal volume

Lump: swell in, starts at silence, swells to normal volume then back to silence

Random: LFO opens and closes in random, chaotic, and creative ways

Tap Foot Switch: 6 total multipliers (.5, 1, 1.5, 2, 3, 4)





Heads up / disclaimer: Pedal and knob colors may vary based off what we think looks awesome for any given production run.

Artwork by Dave Van Patten