Digital Reverb - Native Lung

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The Native Lung provides rich, warm reverb where and when you need it most. A slight warble in the tail gives the Native Lung its mojo, whereas the built in 8dB boost gives you the edge you need to be heard. From the quick slap to long rich plate-like tails.. you'll love what the Native Lung does once you add it to your pedal board.

 The Native Lung Reverb on Pensado's Place


 Performed by Gabriel Lopez

Performed by Gabriel Lopez

Performed by Gabriel Lopez 

Performed by Gabriel Lopez 



Controls/Features/Tech Specs

Volume: When turned fully counter-clockwise, volume is at Unity. As you turn clockwise you obtain up to 8dB of clean, discrete gain to volume match any sound lost travelling through the reverb tank.


Balance: Controls mix; blend your wet and dry signals


Decay: Adjusts the amount of reverb time. Crank past twelve o’clock to introduce some warm, rich modulation in the tails.


Color: Controls analog tone section. Turn clockwise for a brighter, lighter room; turn counter-clockwise for a darker, moodier room.




Heads up / disclaimer: Pedal and knob colors may vary based off what we think looks awesome for any given production run.

 Artwork by Dave Van Patten