Vintage Overdrive Vibe - Dabber V1

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The Dabber is a transistor based Overdrive pedal reminiscent of gritty tones from the past. Leave it on low settings and experience boost to  tube-like saturation that plays off the dynamics of those lil' fingers of yours. Push the gain and you'll find yourself in thick, rich, overdrive heaven. The secret in the sauce? The input section is based off the Marshall JTM-45 preamp section, only instead of  cascading tubes, we use some of the best damn sounding transistors we could find. What you're left with is a pedal that can handle both electric guitar and bass, and go from clean and chimy to rich thick plexi tones with the flick of a knob.


Performed by Gabriel Lopez



Heads up / disclaimer: Pedal enclosure and knob colors may vary based off what we think looks awesome for any given production run.

 Artwork by Dave Van Patten